Holy Name Union
Archdiocese of Galveston - Houston

Become a member of the Holy Name Society in your parish.  If you do not have one in your parish, please send an e-mail to membership@holynamegh.org for assistance in organizing a unit of the Holy Name Society in your parish.

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What is a Holy Name Society?

It is a parish branch of a worldwide confraternity founded to publicly proclaim Jesus as our Lord and Savior.  Charged by the Pope over 700 years ago to strengthen the church against error and opposition, the Holy Name Society endures today as the same powerful ally sharing in the church’s mission to spread the good news and to continue the redemptive work of Christ our Lord.

Why a Holy Name Society?

The purpose of the Society is to show that man with his imperfections can still praise, serve, and love Jesus Christ, and can come to live in him, witnessing to His Word and making read His presence in the community.  The Society promotes private and public prayer and through liturgical programs “centered in the Eucharist”—set forth man’s total dependence on God; at the same time it conveys God’s dependence on man—to make the gospel known and to satisfy the hungers of the human family.

Why does a Catholic need the Holy Name Society?

For the same reason that the rich need the poor; the strong need the weak, and the well fed need the starving—to be like Christ!

We are God’s people.  He loves us—as a family.  The Son of God came to make us one—one with God and with one another.  We are to be bound by ties of faith and love.  Each parish must be a faith community.  The Holy Name Society can realize this unity and put the faith into action.

The Holy Name needs the spiritually dynamic person with the love of Jesus to serve the Church calls.

The Holy Name is welcoming of everyone, just as Jesus calls all of us to His Love.

You need the Holy Name Society—because the Holy Name Society needs you!

What does the Holy Name Society do?

The Holy Name Society encourages members to cultivate their spiritual life through the Holy Eucharist;

Participates in monthly Eucharistic adorations;

Visits the sick and the imprisoned;

Helps the aged;

Provides lectors, cantors, ushers and commentators for the liturgy

Supports the cause for the canonization of Blessed John of Vercelli;

Provides manpower for the St. Vincent de Paul Movement;

Provides collectors for parish and diocesan drives;

Provides manpower for catholic clothing drive;

Holds monthly meetings and socials;

Holds weekend retreats and days of recollection;

Maintains a speakers bureau;

Responds to invitations to participate in Ecumenical Movement;

Promotes memorial masses;

Assists pastors and with parish activities

Responds to requests from the Archbishop/Bishop;

Serves on parish councils;

Provides guidelines of Holy Name Pledge to its members;

Promotes Parish Communion breakfasts;

Supports deanery and diocesan, state and national Holy Name Society

What parishes currently have a Holy Name Society?

Holy Name   *    Holy Family Parish (at Holy Rosary Church) - Galveston, Texas  *  Immaculate Heart of Mary   *   Immaculate Conception   *   Our Lady of Fatima   *   Our Mother of Mercy   *      Our Lady of Guadalupe    
Our Lady Star of the Sea   *   Queen of Peace  *            St. Augustine   *   St. Christopher  *   St. Jerome  *   St. Nicholas  *   St. Patrick  *       
St Patrick-Galveston  *   St. Philip of Jesus  *   St. Stephen  *   St. Vincent de Paul

Who will be the next parish to join the Galveston-Houston Archdiocese Holy Name Union?

That is entirely up to you.  You and your parish can be next in joining and sharing in all the blessings of being one with Our Lord Jesus Christ!


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